1. discuss status of release 4.5.1 and 4.6.0
  2. Flaky Tests status
  3. Checkpoint Issue status
  4. Cookie Issue status
  5. Other issue and PRs


JV, Sam, Sijie, Jia



  1. Regarding 4.5.1, @enrico is handing that, and @sijie will also share some info of the blocking issues.
    4.6.0 will come soon in 2 weeks, and we need start the document work. 
    we will do code freeze soon, and after the freeze, only bug fix goes into 4.6.0, both bug fix and new features goes into new branch 4.7.0.
  2. Flaky Tests, @ivan already had a collection doc of the failure cases, and doing some fix. 

     @Sam @sijie, Regarding the test framework, since more than 1 person is doing it, we may need more discussing and in-sync before do the change

  3. checkpoint issue @sijie is working on it, and will be PR this week or early next week.
  4. cookie issue, @sijie, it is also in-progress.
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