1. discuss status of release 4.5.1 and 4.6.0
  2. go through github issues and PRs
  3. update bookkeeper tutorial to the new api:
  4. BP-18: BP-18: LedgerType, Flags and StorageHints


JV, Sam, Sijie, Enrico, Jia



  1. release 4.5.1 is almost close to release. JV and other salesforce folks should check the 4.5.1 release and vote

  2. release 4.6.0 is almost close to the RC. most of the pending requests are around new API, they are either out for reviews or someone is already working on it.

  3. long pending pull requests: logging and native fallocate. Sijie will follow up with Matteo to close the logging one and Sijie will move the fallocate one to 4.7.

  4. documentation: Sijie: would like to make some enforcement on documentation before merging code changes for big features. JV: it would be good to look for any github tools to make sure this process automate.

  5. BP-14: JV will take a look at the BP-14 and come back with comments

  6. backward & forward compatibility: JV: bump versions when protocol is changed. Sam: the advantage of protobuf is the optional fields. in the cases if a bookie can ignore the new flags, it is unnecessary to bump the versions. Sijie: let’s keep the discussion going on the pull request and mailing list
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