1. Help voting on release 4.6.0-rc1
  2. Other Issues ?



JV, Charan, Sam, Jia, Enrico, Yiming


  1. The release is delayed because of licensing issue.

  2. Sam informed that salesforce is in the process of upstreaming local changes. Expect to see lots of pull requests from us.
  3. Charan requested the team, especially Enrico Olivelli and Sijie Guo to review his off-branch multiple entrylog patch. Just for the direction, as this patch needs to be rebased on upstream.
  4. JV informed that he opened an issue to populate MDC context around the stack; We have internal patch, but upstream threading context changed so much, we need to do a different patch.
  5. We briefly talked about the Ledger Balancer issue, did not spend lot of time.
  6. JV proposed to cancel all meetings for the rest of the year, and everyone agreed.
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