• JV, Zhiming, Francesco, Flavio, Enrico, Dustin, Charan


  • Patch merge status and plan from all contributors and committers.
  • Discuss merging the security changes.
  • Francesco Caliumi would explain its current work on a proposed "official" BookKeeper Docker Image, see


  • JV explained Kishore's work on SSL (Netty4 + OpenSSL). Enrico want to know how we are planning to merge his work. JV said he will talk to Kishroe and get back to him.
  • Francesco gave great presentation on his docker image and demoing dice.
  • <AR> Kishore to review and come up with proposal to merge his TLS code along with Enrico's.
  • Jia has done some work and Francesco has done some work in Docker area. Question is how to pull these changes in.
    • Either new repo or sub directory to bookkeeper main repo.
    • Discuss with Sijie. Separate dir or repo.



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