Attendees: JV,Bobby, Charan, Francesco, Kishore Udayashankar, KishoreKumra, Paul, Zhiming, Enrico, Govind


  • Meeting discussion: Everyone is fine with Thursday/Friday. Salesforce favors Thursday. Not sure who can't make it on Thursday.
  • Multiple Journal patch: JV reminded about his review comments. Bobby to get back on review comments.
  • Charan talked about BOOKKEEPER-552. LongHierarchicalLedgerManager, HierarchicalLedgerManagerLongHierarchicalLedgerManager - Why do we need to change this? Name of the ledger manger is stored in ZK. If you have to change the ledger . Yahoo 3 months away from running out of 31 bit ledger ids. They want to move to 63 bit. LongHierarchicalLedgerManager, HierarchicalLedgerManager, a new one will be create. TransitionHierarchicalLedgerManager.
  • Kishore Udayashankar reviewed Enrico's BOOKKEEPER-588 SSL Support. Had comments. Enrico responded back.


Action Items:

  • Bobby to go back and talk to @knusbaum and see how they can use LongHierarchicalLedgerManager, HierarchicalLedgerManager together without changing much code.
  • Bobby to address multiple journal patch comments added by JV.
  • JV to discuss with Sijie and come up with a schedule, and use a open(non carp) video call link moving forward.
  • Kishore is on command for the security patch. Take Enrico's patch, merge with his's and come up with a common patch.
  • Yahoo's patch is 4.0.34; Kishore updated to 4.1.7. Kishore to go in with Netty changes send pull request.. and then for security related, Kishore to merge Enricos patch.
  • JV to work with Sijie to process pull requests.



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