• Review pending PRs
  • Ideas on 4.5 release plan


Attendees: Bobby, Charan, Francesco, Kishore Udayashankar, Paul, Yiming Zang, Enrico Olivelli, Govind


  • No committer was present so the PR list was not reviewed
  • Charan and Bobby talked about the use of watchers to detect the changes on the availability of bookies. Bobby reported that the actualy way of setting the watch and reading the list of bookies is good and it is the correct way of handling the missing-watch-event issue
  • Pulsar is mostly compatible with the current API a part from the Authentication Plugin API which has been changed on 4.5.0. The idea is to make Pulsar work with the comunity edition, keeping local Yahoo forks only for emergency fixes
  • Bobby is going to review its internal JIRA and create issues on the Apache JIRA in order to give a view of the upcoming pushback from Yahoo
  • Yiming reported the its work about Bookie lifecycle as been delayed and he started to work at local data compation
  • Kishore from Salesforce sent an email to tell that the Netty 4 PR will be submitted on Monday and that he is testing the SSL patch on Salesforce local fork

Action Items:

  • Wait for upcoming Netty 4.1 PR from Salesforce


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