• Bobby, JV, Govind, Kishore, Matteo, Sam, Sijie, Yimin, Zhimeng, Enrico, Kishorkurman




  • At the recent conference at Vault there were a lot of attendees but all coming from the POSIX world, so distant from the BookKeeper usecases
  • Netty 4 -> Kishore will push its current patch, he needs some help in order to fix some failing testcases
  • V2 protocol: in use in production at Yahoo because is more GC friendly
    • Matteo Merli explained that Protobuf makes a lot of copies -> GC preessure is related to throughtput
    • In the future (past 4.5.x) we can look for alternatives more GC friendly/zero copy
  • 64 bits patch....soon will be rebased in order to get merged, it is running in production at Yahoo! now
  • AutoReplicator fun:
    • Salesforce (JV and Sam) is reporting many issues with the Apache version
    • Twitter and Yahoo have already some fixes in their private branches
    • Yimin is working on replicator, but its work is based on theTwitter branch
    • Bobby says it would be good to have a common JIRA and to report all small fixes
    • Let's create JIRAs in order to track all of the reported issues on production sites and local fixes
  • Kerberos/JAAS:support:
    • no need to create a new JAR, let's not change the packaging at this moment as we are trying to make all the private forks converge
    • Bobby asked if there is some kind of background thread which checks for ticket expiration, Enrico Olivelli will enhance the patch, looking at ZooKeeper code



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