1. Status Updates
    1. 4.6.1 release
    2. Yahoo, salesforce merge
    3. BC testing
  2. Major topics to discuss
    1. JV's durability proposal:
  3. BPs 
    1. Inprogress
      1. BP-14: relaxed durability. need helps?
      2. BP-25: move digest manager to `proto.checksum`
      3. BP-26: distributedlog
    2. Under discussion:
      1. BP-24?
    3. In draft:
      1. BP-23: Ledger Balancer.
  4. PRs


Attendees: JV, Ivan, Sam, Sijie, Yiming

  • Status Updates
    • 4.6.1 rc is out. Ivan is doing jepsen testing. Ask JV/Yiming/Sam to review and vote it.
    • Yahoo merge
      • Ivan and Jia are working on that.
      • Major changes are in.
      • Prioritize read/write requests will be unblocked once BC is done.
      • Jia is helping with other small changes
    • Salesforce merge
      • Sam gave an update about salesforce merge. Sam have around 20 patches left.
    • BC testing
      • Ivan: the last patch for BC testing is out.
  • BookKeeper Durability
    • JV went through his thoughts about durability.
    • JV will complete the doc by end of this week and then will be prioritizing these items and dividing the works in the community.
  • BPs
    • BP-14: need helps from the community. but it doesn't seem to be a top priority task. it will probably be deprioritized for the durability tasks.
    • Bp-25 is done. A follow up item to enable server side checksum validation.
    • BP-26 is out for review.
    • BP-24. This requires more review attentions. JV and Sam will review the google doc and comment on it and help moving this BP forward.
    • BP-23:
      • Sijie: not started yet. if anyone has thoughts, please comment in the issue.
  • PRs


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