1. Status Updates
    1. Yahoo merge
    2. 4.7.0 release
  2. BPs 
    1. BP-27: New BookKeeper CLI
    2. BP-28: Etcd
    3. BP-29: Metadadata API module
    4. BP-30: Table Service
    5. BP-31: Durability
  3. PRs



JV, Ivan, Enrico, Yiming, David, Pasha, Sam


  • Yahoo merge: very close to the end, Pulsar will be soon able to run on ASF version (Ivan)
  • SalesForce merge: very close to Apache version (JV, Sam is working on this)
  • Enrico: documentation for 4.7.0 ? but which features are interesting ? Maybe support for Java 9 and DBLedgerStorage. Ivan reports that DBLedgerStorage may not work well on current version (no one ever used it in this form)
  • Enrico: Code Coverage status, very close to have a good starting point, will commit JaCoCo configuration upgrade soon, most of the work will be in 4.8 release
  • JV: BK is not very CPU friendly, Buffer Copy is very bad. Do we need locks around the Netty Channel ? Using Flame Graphs may help to see the hotspots.
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