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Charan, JV, Kishore, Yiming, Enrico, Sam


  • Enrico reported a bug about refcounts on 4.6.1, on the Bookie side
  • Charan and Kishore bring the discussion about the way we are using ByteBufs on the new API
  • Charan says there must be testing with refcounting and net effects on each layer (and both on client and server)
  • JV in the reviews we have to take special care account changes
  • Kishore: let's create an issue about test cases in refcounts
  • JV: maybe as a community we have to "stop" and consolidate the existing
  • Charan: our API is not updating correclty readerIndex and writerIndex, from the user's perspective it is not intuitive, expecially comparing with Java NIO API (Channels APIs)
  • Sam: we must have complete documentation about expectations from the end user client
  • JV: we should have a clear view about the ByteBuf based API
  • Charan will create an issue about this topic
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