1. Status Updates
    1. 4.7.0 release (Sijie cannot attend, this item will be skipped)
  2. Topics to discuss:
    1. Issues on JDK9 (Enrico)
  3. BPs
  4. PRs



  • JV, Charan, Sam, Pasha, Enrico


We talked most of the time about Java9 issues. Enrico reported its problem which is about serialization of Responses on Java 9 (and maybe of Requests as well) using V3 protocol (protobuf based).

Enrico excluded OS and network issues, because now it is able to reproduce the problem in several testing clusters and on his own laptop with 4.7-SNAPSHOT, but only with the full application (attaching the machine to a cluster which reproduces the problem)

JV suggested to try to reproduce the problem with only one bookie.

JV suggested also to try to see if the problem can be reproduced only with a tailing reader in absence of writes.

Actually there is no explanation of the issue, just adding debug to the code seems to mitigate this problem, it appears to be some race condition.

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