1. Status Updates
    1. 4.7.0 release
    2. 4.6.2 release
  2. Topics to discuss:
  3. BPs
  4. PRs


Attendees: Enrico, JV, Kishore, Sam, Sijie, Yiming


  1. 4.7.0 release
    1. Sijie: going to cut a branch for 4.7 release
    2. Kishore: will send a few bug fixes related to TLS
    3. Yiming: will send a few DL related bug fixes
  2. 4.6.2 release
    1. There are 3 +1 on 4.6.2. waiting for 72 hours elapsed.
  3. Discussed the serialization issue that Enrico ran into. Sijie pointed out a potential problem with CodedOutputStream. Sijie is going to run some tests around that.
  4. JV mentioned they are hitting one minute timeout issue and there is no logs during that period. GC seems to be fine. JV and his team are looking deep into it and will come back with findings.


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