1. Status Updates
  2. Topics to discuss:
    1. Release plan for 4.8 ? new features ?
    2. Time for a 4.7.1 release ? 14 issues/PRs cherry-picked
    3. BP-14 status, how LastAddConfirmed advances ? (current PR )
      1. option 1: advance LAC only force()
      2. option 2: advance LAC as regular non DEFERRED_SYNC mode
      3. option 3: option 1 + introduce write flag OPTIMISTIC_LAC for option 2
    4. BP-32 Advisory close (Charan)
    5. Status of multi entry loggers (Charan)
    6. Server side Backpressure (Andrey)
  3. BPs
  4. PRs



Sam, Sijie, Enrico, JV


  • Sijie, we have still a lot of time. Let's see the list of feature in July when we are going to cut the release branch.
  • JV: we do not yet have a comprehensive coverage on testing to make us conforrtable with releases
  • BP-14, let's sttick with option1, Sijie motivation for option 2 is useful in Clod environment, but JV explains that without the "sync" barrier of durable LAC all the stack will be confused (think about the replicator),
  • JV: liveness of the Bookie: there is no way to detect bookie failure only using ZK session
  • Enrico: we can do external checks
  • Enrico talked about the change about SortedLedgerStorage vs InterleavedStorage, It is fine to change the class Hierarchy
  • JV talks about the proposal on PlacementPolicy ( JV does not want a new 'tunable', but as Cloud environment there is no much difference in "racks", so OK for having an explicit opt in flag for this feature
  • Enrico reported his recent problem with a Bookie which is alive but does not advertise itsselt on ZooKeeper, maybe it is due to use of ACLs


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