1. Status Updates
    1. 4.8, release branch to be created soon (Enrico)
  2. Topics to discuss:
    1. Merge client side view of Explicit LAC (Enrico)
    2. DEFERRED_SYNC writers and persistent Explicit LAC (Enrico)
  3. BPs
  4. PRs



JV, Enrico, Sijie


We talked about problems of supporting rollbacks to a previous version.
The case is with the new data format for Persistent Explicit LAC we will prevent old version to boot after just restarting the bookie with the new version.
  • we have to introduce a clear concept of "file layout version" (JV)
  • write a file layout version in the Cookie (Sijie)
  • write file version on each file (Enrico)
  • use a configuration property to force the bookie to use an older format (Enrico)
  • maybe the bookie will be able to start if you remove all new version file (Sijie)

About Journal: we can add a "mask" in order to understand "special" entries in the Journal and let old versions skip special entry types which are not know (JV)

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