1. Status Updates
    1. 4.8, release branch to be created soon (Enrico)
    1. Proposals for using Binary format in METADATA
    2. Documentation status (need to document new features in 4.8)
    3. Flaky tests (recently we have disabled a bunch of tests, we should restore them)
    4. Recently JV Jujjuri  brought up a discussion on QoS
    5. Enrico is going to work on merging ExplicitLAC and regular LAC on the client side

  2. BPs
  3. PRs



JV, Sijie, Charan, Enrico, Sam


Enrico: 4.8 is coming soon, we are waiting for Sijie's work on binary format for Ledger Metadata.

Sijie: we had problems when Enrico introduced 'ctime' in 4.4, we do not what such kind of problems inthe future. Protobuf binary format has a feature to deal with unknown fields.

JV: is TableService ready ? would it be a good replacement for ZooKeeper ? will we need this protobuf binary change using TableService ?

Charan: how can we deal with the old data while using the binary format ?

JV: we do not have a good rollback story

Sijie: the rollback story from 4.8 is good, we have versoins for journal and for disk version. We have to address the metadata version compatibility in 4.8. There 

Enrico will work on ExplicitLAC on the reader side in 4.9.

Charan will work on flaky tests about EntryLogger, he will try to reduce the amount of work.

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