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  • Community have voted and decided to start using Github issues/pull requests for issue tracking for 3 months.

  • however, It needs some Github permissions and some simple/basic rules to follow.


  • Github Issue and Pull Requests

  • Issue Labeling

    • Release - We can use “milestone” for managing releases.

    • We can start with minimal labels, iterate and add more if the labels are really needed.

      • Type/Kind: {bug, feature, task}.

      • Component/Area: {protocol, client, bookie, tests, documentation}.

      • Priority: {blocker}. If it is a blocker, mark it a blocker. Otherwise leaves it unmarked.

  • Closing the PR

    • Ask INFRA if we have the permission to merge directly in Github.

    • If we have, enable “allow squash merging”, disable “allow merge commits” and “allow rebase merging” to make a clean commit history.

    • If we don’t have the permission, improving the merge-script to close both issue and PR.

  • Work Flow

    • If a change is in-progress but you want an early feedback, you can send out a pull request with "WIP - Issue xxxx".

    • If a change is done and you want to review, you can send out a pull request with "Issue xxxx".

    • If people reviewed a pull request and the change needs to be improved, people should "request changes" through the github review button.

      • The merge script should only merge changes approved by committers and no pending 'request changes'.


  • Requests corresponding permissions from INFRA

    • Permissions for committers to create labels and milestones

    • Permission for merge and close issues/pull requests

  • Add Issue and RP template under .github

  • Change to merge script to close PR and Issue

  • Update the pull request instruction at both website and wiki page

Update for Action
1, opened another ticket for join gitbox INFRA-14394 - Getting issue details... STATUS
2, opened issue and PR for the template:
3, merge script:,

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