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Apache BookKeeper

BookKeeper is a replicated log service which can be used to build replicated state machines. A log contains a sequence of records which can be applied to a state machine. BookKeeper guarantees that each replica state machine will see all the same entries, in the same order.

Project Page

General information

Reference Guide


  • Getting Started
  • Concepts & Data Model (How to turning ledgers into logs)
  • Developer Manual
  • Architecture
    • Bookie Storage Engine (Sijie Guo)
      • Journal
      • Ledger Storage
      • Index
      • Garbage Collection
      • Compaction
    • Client Request Flow
    • Replication & Consistency
      • Fencing
      • LAC Protocol
    • Tail latency
      • Ack quorum and Ensemble change
      • Speculative reads
      • Long poll reads
    • Auto Recovery
  • Deployment & Admin
    • Configuration
    • Metric Collection & Monitoring
    • Performance Tuning
    • Admin Tools
  • Performance & Benchmark




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