Buildr Plugins Directory

This is a directory for Buildr plugins and extensions developed and maintained by the community at large.


Buildr plugin for Android development.


Buildr4Eclipse is an extension to Buildr to build Eclipse-based plugins using the Eclipse Compiler for Java.


Buildr4OSGi takes the work started for Buildr4Eclipse and attempts to push it to OSGi bundles, not just Eclipse plugins.
It brings resolving OSGi dependencies, packaging as bundle, plugin and features, and many more OSGi related goodies.



A Buildr extension that enables transitive dependency resolution by default.


An extension that makes it easy to package gems in JARs for use with JRuby.



A buildr extension for processing OSGi bundles using iPojo


Shenandoah: JavaScript Unit Testing

Shenandoah is a package for unit testing JavaScript either in the browser or at the command line. In its console mode, Shenandoah integrates as a Buildr test framework, so you can use it directly with

require 'shenandoah/buildr'
# ...
test.using :shenandoah

and then the usual Buildr commands for running tests.

Shenandoah is based on the Blue Ridge JavaScript testing plugin for rails and combines Screw.Unit (for BDD-style unit tests), Smoke (for mocks), and env.js and rhino (for browserless execution of DOM-based javascript). It is distributed as a gem. For more details, including installation and running directions, please have a look at the README:


Ivy4r is a wrapper for the Apache Ivy dependency management system in ruby. It comes with a Buildr extension for seamless integration into Buildr.


Easy to use java aspectj compiler integration for buildr. See git for documentation and excample project buildr-ajc/aspect

Package as deb

A simple extension to package your project as a Debian archive.

Package as exe

An extension integrating makeNSIS into your build to create .exe installers:

FindBugs integration

Run FindBugs from Buildr.

GWT generation

A very basic task to generate GWT code is available attached to a bug here:


A simple extension to format a java source code of your project

Source code available on
Gem can be downloaded from


Actionscript and Flex extension. Builds, tests, and even supports on-the-edge tools like Apparat

Github project:

ScalaCL plugin

To compile Scala code using the ScalaCL plugin.

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