We'll use this page to publicize Bean Validation samples from our project, other projects at Apache, and other external projects that use a ASL 2.0 friendly license.....


Obtaining a validator

Apache OpenJPA

The Apache OpenJPA community has created a Bean Validation Primer section showing how JPA2 and Bean Validation can be used. Currently, this includes an image-gallery sample which must be built from source.

Additional JPA2 and Bean Validation integration tests can be found under the openjpa-integration-validation component in the OpenJPA source tree.

Apache Geronimo

The Apache Geronimo community is working on a 3.0 release to deliver a Java EE 6 application server, which will include Apache BVal. For now, no samples have been created for Bean Validation, but keep checking the latest Geronimo Samples source tree....

Apache MyFaces

The Apache MyFaces Core project implements the JSF 2.0 specification, which includes support for using Bean Validation. Please check back later for updated samples....

Apache TomEE

The Apache OpenEJB community has created TomEE, an all-Apache Java EE 6 Web Profile certified stack which includes Apache BVal.

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