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Welcome to a new maintenance release of Apache Camel. The camel-1.6.2 release comes with approx 101 issues resolved (new features, improvements and bug fixes such as...)

  • Fixes for OSGi bundles.
  • Support multiple camel versions in OSGi containers.
  • Fixed Karaf features for a few components
  • Fixed rollback for transactional routes in camel-cxf.
  • Fixed and improved examples.
  • Fixed issue with start/stop state machine.
  • Logging improvements.
  • Improvements and fixes in multiple components Mail, MINA, IRC, HTTP, JMS.
  • Cleanup of CamelNamespaceHandler.
  • Compatibility with Spring 2.0.x in JMS, Spring, Mail.
  • Removed the uber-jar from the Camel distro.
  • Build system improvements and fixes.

For more details please check the Release Notes.

While we encourage our users to migrate to the new Apache Camel 2.0.0, we recognize that many of you may not be able to do that right away. As a community we discussed the lifetime of the camel-1.x and we agreed to continue support and apply patches and improvements, at least for the foreseable future.

Many thanks to all the contributors who made this release possible.

The Camel Riders.

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