Batch Consumer

Available as of Camel 2.0

Batch Consumer is basically a Polling Consumer that is capable of polling multiple Exchanges in a pool. The interface org.apache.camel.BatchConsumer should be implemented by a consumer to indicate that it supports batching.

The following components support the use of a Batch Consumer:

Consumer Options




An integer to define a maximum messages to gather per poll. By default no maximum is set. Can be used to set a limit of e.g. 1000 to avoid when starting up the server that there are thousands of files. Set a value of 0 or negative to disable it.

Exchange Properties

The following properties is set on the Exchange for each Exchange polled in the same batch.




boolean indicating the last Exchange in the batch. Is only true for the last entry.


The current index of the batch. Starts from 0.


The total number of Exchanges that was polled in this batch.

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