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Camel 2.15.5 Release


New and Noteworthy

Welcome to the 2.15.5 release which is mainly a bug fix release with 19 fixes and improvements.

For further details, see the list of JIRA issues.

This release also updates the Apache Commons Collections library to version 3.2.2 that contains a patch for a reported object de-serialization vulnerability.

Known Issues

Important changes to consider when upgrading


Getting the Distributions

Binary Distributions


Download Link

PGP Signature file of download

Windows Distribution

Unix/Linux/Cygwin Distribution



The above URLs use redirection

The above URLs use the Apache Mirror system to redirect you to a suitable mirror for your download. Some users have experienced issues with some versions of browsers (e.g. some Safari browsers). If the download doesn't seem to work for you from the above URL then try using FireFox

Source Distributions


Download Link

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Source (zip)

Getting the Binaries using Maven 2

To use this release in your maven project, the proper dependency configuration that you should use in your Maven POM is:

Git Tag Checkout


For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see the:

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