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This page is intended to collect material about Camel and Camelists at ApacheCon.
These infos could be used for organizing meetings.

ApacheCon EU, 17.11.2014-23.11.2014

Place: Budapest

Travel Assistance

The Travel Assistance Committee (TAC) is happy to anounce that we now accept applications for ApacheCon Europe 2014, 17-21 November in Budapest, Hungary
Applications are welcome from individuals within the Apache community at-large, users, developers, educators, students, Committers, and Members, who need financial support to attend ApacheCon.
Please be aware the seats are very limited, and all applicants will be scored on their individual merit.
More information can be found at including a link to the online application and detailed instructions for submitting.
Applications will close on 25 July 2014 at 23:00 UTC/GMT.
Please help spread the word among your community.

Talks about Camel

The Call For Papers for that conference is still open, but all submissions must be received by June 25, 2014. We need you talk proposals, to represent Camel at ApacheCon. We need all kinds of talks - deep technical talks, hands-on tutorials, introductions for beginners, or case studies about the awesome stuff you're doing with Camel.

Please consider submitting a proposal, at

All You Need to Know About CXF JAX-RS in CamelSergey Beryozkin  
Apache Falcon with Camel, ActiveMQ, Karaf for CDC in HadoopJean-Baptiste Onofré  
Using WebSocket with CXF and CamelAkitoshi Yoshida  



At the bartonightMeet&Greet
Computre CentretomorrowHackathon

There is also a wiki page for Hackathons:

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