This page is work in progress. The layering is probably not yet correct

Camel-core is the basic module of apache camel. It contains the public API and the Java DSL and several implementation packages.

The most important packages are:

Package Name



The Camel Domain Specific Language for creating Routes, Predicates, Expressions and Error Handlers


Contains the classes (*Type) that form the java DSL. The central class is the RouteBuilder


Language APIs and plugins for Expressions and Predicates


Some simple components like bean or log. You will find most components in the other camel modules


Implementation classes for model and camel


Processors to implement the Enterprise Integration Patterns


Service provider interfaces. Strategy APIs for implementors to extend Camel


Base package for camel. Defintions like Message and CamelContext can be found there

Architecture Diagram

The diagram shows the (relaxed) layering of the top level packages in camel-core. Relaxed means that a layer may reference any layer below it.

Architecture Diagram including current violations 

Each arrow upwards shows a violation in the layering. That means some class inside the package references a class of a package above it. These diagrams were built with an architecture tool called structure 101. We have an offer from the manufacturer headway software to supply us with licenses for all camel developers that are interested. If you want a license please contact me (Christian Schneider chris at I will then try to organize a license for you.

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