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Camel uses a Java Domain Specific Language or DSL for creating Enterprise Integration Patterns or Routes in a variety of domain-specific languages (DSL) as listed below.

  • Java DSL - A Java based DSL using the fluent builder style.
  • Spring XML - A XML based DSL in Spring XML files
  • Blueprint XML - A XML based DSL in OSGi Blueprint XML files
  • Rest DSL - A DSL to define REST services using a REST style in either Java or XML.
  • Groovy DSL - A Groovy based DSL using Groovy programming language
  • Scala DSL - A Scala based DSL using Scala programming language
  • Annotation DSL - Use annotations in Java beans.
  • Kotlin DSL - Work in progress - Currently developed outside ASF, but will we included later in Camel when Kotlin and the DSL is ready.

The main entry points for the DSL are

  • CamelContext for creating a Camel routing rulebase
  • RouteBuilder for creating a collection of routes using the routing DSL

See Also

For more examples of the DSL in action see

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