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Point to Point Channel

Camel supports the Point to Point Channel from the EIP patterns using the following components

  • SEDA for in-VM seda based messaging
  • JMS for working with JMS Queues for high performance, clustering and load balancing
  • JPA for using a database as a simple message queue
  • XMPP for point-to-point communication over XMPP (Jabber)
  • and others

The following example demonstrates point to point messaging using the JMS component 

Using the Fluent Builders



Using the Spring XML Extensions

	<from uri="direct:start"/>
	<to uri="jms:queue:foo"/>



Using This Pattern

If you would like to use this EIP Pattern then please read the Getting Started, you may also find the Architecture useful particularly the description of Endpoint and URIs. Then you could try out some of the Examples first before trying this pattern out.

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