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Sampling Throttler

Available as of Camel 2.1

A sampling throttler allows you to extract a sample of the exchanges from the traffic through a route.
It is configured with a sampling period during which only a single exchange is allowed to pass through. All other exchanges will be stopped.

Will by default use a sample period of 1 seconds.




Default Value




Samples the message every N'th message. You can only use either frequency or period.



Samples the message every N'th period. You can only use either frequency or period.



Time unit as an enum of java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit from the JDK.


You use this EIP with the sample DSL as show in these samples.

Using the Fluent Builders
These samples also show how you can use the different syntax to configure the sampling period:


Using the Spring XML Extensions
And the same example in Spring XML is:


And since it uses a default of 1 second you can omit this configuration in case you also want to use 1 second

{snippet:id=e1|lang=xml|url=camel/trunk/components/camel-spring/src/test/resources/org/apache/camel/spring/processor/samplingThrottlerWithDefault.xml} Using This Pattern

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