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How to upgrade a Camel dependency

1. Open an JIRA issue

Open an JIRA issue at, if it does not already exist.
The issue type should be "Task". A sample can be found here:

2. Change the parent pom

All dependency versions are managed in the parent pom. Change the version number for the dependency you want to upgrade in this file.

3. Customize the source code (if necessary)

If this upgrade is a major change (e.g. from Apache Mina 1.1.7 to 2.0.2), it could require some source code and/or test customizations. Be careful with changes in the unit tests!

4. Ask for an OSGI-fied version (if necessary)

If this dependency is not available as an OSGI bundle, ask the Apache Servicemix guys for an OSGI-fied version of this dependency. You should do this by opening a JIRA issue at
The issue type should be "Task". A sample can be found here:

5. Change the platform/karaf pom (if necessary)

If a new OSGI-fied version of this dependency is provided, update the platform/karaf pom with the new version.

6. Validate the features.xml (if necessary)

If you change anything in the features.xml from platform/karaf you should run a validation test to ensure the generated features.xml file is correct. You can do this running the following maven goal from the platform directory.

mvn clean install -Pvalidate

7. Run a complete build

To ensure you don't break anything with your upgrade, run a complete build from the Camel root directory:

mvn clean install
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