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Welcome to the Apache CarbonData wiki. If you are interested in contributing to CarbonData, visit the contributing to CarbonData page to learn more.

Release plan(Around 3 months for one release)

DateVersion number
Aug 2016Apache CarbonData 0.1.0-incubating
Sep 2016Apache CarbonData 0.1.1-incubating
Nov 2016Apache CarbonData 0.2.0-incubating
Jan 2017Apache CarbonData 1.0.0-incubating
May 2017Apache CarbonData 1.1.0
Aug-Sep 2017Apache CarbonData 1.2.0
Jan-Feb 2018Apache CarbonData 1.3.0
March 2018Apache CarbonData 1.3.1
May-Jun 2018Apache CarbonData 1.4.0
Aug-Sep 2018Apache CarbonData 1.5.0
Nov-Dec 2018Apache CarbonData 2.0.0

Road map plan:


  • Support 2.1 integration in CarbonData
  • Remove kettle, support new data load solution
  • Support data update and delete SQL in Spark 1.6


  • Add page in blocklet for improving scan cases' performance.
  • Support V3 format for improving TPC-H performance.
  • Support vector features by default
  • Support data update and delete SQL in Spark 2.1


  • Support to specify sort column for MDK(Multi-Dimension Key index )
  • Support partition
  • Support Presto integration
  • Support Hive integration
  • Data loading optimization using ColumnPage in write step and make it off heap


  • Support streaming ingestion data to CarbonData 
  • Provide index framework for supporting user to add more index.
  • Support local dictionary
  • Ecosystem integration(eg. latest Apache Spark version 2.x)


  • Support create carbondata on cloud storage(AWS S3, Huawei OBS)
  • Provide index framework for supporting user to add more index, like : text index using lucene
  • Ecosystem integration


  • Support MV(Materialized View), Bloom Filter (in production features)
  • Support CarbonData engine for improving concurrent visit and point query.
  • Ecosystem integration


  • Support storing of carbon Min-Max index in external system
  • Support CarbonData metadata management using DB or other external OLTP system
  • Support MV on Streaming tables, partition tables, Time Series
  • Support MV creation from another MV
  • Support Spark DataSource API V2

Pages Link

Apache CarbonData Performance Benchmark(0.1.0)
Events(Summit and Meetup materials)
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