Summer of Code 2006

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Mentored Projects

Cayenne participates in Google Summer of Code 2006 program as an ASF mentor. We mentor the following projects:





Michael Victorov

Kevin Menard

Cayenne Eclipse Plugin

Bruno Melo

Kevin Menard


Marcel Gordon

Andrus Adamchik

Development Process

  • Contributions from students will be accepted following the normal Apache procedure for non-committers, i.e. as patches submitted via Jira. This will introduce the students to the Apache (and generally open source) way of development and facilitate communication between the students and mentors.
  • When submitting a Jira issue, select "SUMMER OF CODE 2006" for the "Affected Version" field.
  • To simplify synchronization of the local code with master repository students may optionally use a local SVK repository. Also a sandbox Subversion repository is available for student use. Note that sandbox repo is for student use only, and the patches should still be submited via Jira to be committed to the master repository.
  • Project documentation should be maintained on this wiki (students must register here) to access the Wiki.
  • Master SoC repository is located here: https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/cayenne/soc/
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