Sites and products using Click

Below are listed (in alphabetical order) some of the sites and products that use Click. We would love to hear about your site or product, so please feel free to add it to this page. Alternatively you can let us know on one of our mailing lists, or directly to "sabob1 at gmail dot com".

1. Avoka FormCenter

FormCenter is a powerful customer self service electronic forms delivery platform designed to fully leverage Adobe LiveCycle. It is a web based customer facing solution that manages the complete life cycle of electronic forms and their associated services and data, and delivery.

FormCenter provides the foundation of the whole of Australian Federal Government SmartForms solution.

2. Balloonshop -

Balloonshop is an online shop for purchasing balloon made decorations and services for parties, weddings, birthdays, etc. It covers the needs of both the shop owners and their customers.

3. BetterProgrammer - is a site testing hands-on Java skills. The test is very different from traditional multiple-choice question tests. The site asks to solve several short programming tasks and then compiles and evaluates them online.

Good programmers will enjoy taking this test; it really is a programming test, not a language test.

4. BeyondGrade -

BeyondGrade is a free online grade book designed for schools, teachers, students and parents to work together to achieve excellence in education.

5. Microshop -

Microshop is a generic online shopping portal for purchasing products from different vendors. Microshop supports localization, customization and branding on a per vendor basis.

The site has not yet officially launched and still under active development.

6. Piggydb -

Piggydb is web application for building personal knowledge base systems. It allows one to write knowledge in the same manner as blogging, and classify it by tagging. Piggydb also supports hierarchical tagging for creating highly structural knowledge.

7. Planarsoft - is a company website where administrators can add new articles, files, menus and languages. It also provides a customer service module which includes support tickets, project tracking, invoicing and payments.

8. Telstra OOT

Telstra OOT provides a Business Broadband Online Ordering Tool (OOT) for Telstra.

This site was created for Val d'Oise, a French department which has responsibilities in the areas of welfare, culture, environment, roads, health and schools.

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