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Open Climate Workbench

The Open Climate Workbench (OCW), also called the Regional Climate Model Evaluation Toolkit (RCMET), is a comprehensive suite of algorithms, libraries, and interfaces designed to standardize and streamline the process of interacting with large quantities of observational data (such as is provided by the RCMED) and conducting regional climate model evaluations.

OCW consists of a Python library for common model evaluation tasks (e.g.: area averaging, regridding, bias calculation) as well as a set of user-friendly interfaces for quickly configuring a large-scale regional model evaluation task.

Users can interact with the OCW either by including the Python library directly in their code, or by way of the flexible, RESTful Application Programmer Interface (API). The API, also implemented in Python, allows OCW users to integrate the capabilities of the toolkit into their workflow regardless of language and environment, provided they have the ability to make HTTP requests.

For more information you can visit the RCMET Overview page.

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