These reports were discontinued for a combination of two reasons:

  1. The work involved is largely manual. Though a lot of preparation can be done by automated filtering, in the end each mail needs to be judged by a person. It is hard to justify this to oneself, family and colleagues.
  2. There is no way to measure the result of the reporting done. For this work to make more sense it must include some measure of time for which mail-questions remain unanswered.


After a few months on creating responsiveness reports on the the users - and dev at cloudstack mailing lists, here is the way of working so far. Please improve or contact dahn at apache with suggestions:

  • Reports contain mails with questions that have gone unanswered.
  • (obsoleted for reporting convenience: questions posed on both list that are reported on are reported under the users list)
  • Reports are on a weekly basis.
  • Weeks range from monday till sunday. this seems not to come to requiring a precision that takes timezones into account(, yet).
  • As a save margin at least a day is waited before reporting if any questions where posed on sunday.
  • As a rule the report is made at the latest in the weekend after the closing of a week. This is not sponsored manual labour so be patient as you remind the community it is missing for a certain period.

Here is what makes this report difficult to script:

  • Questions posed by committers are not taken into account/included in the report.
  • implicit questions that might be interpreted as bug reports as well, are not taken into account. A (public or private) query as to the purpose of the post might be in order.
  • Any question thread that has only one sender and does not include an answer to one self is taken into account
  • A message in which a link to a question in another medium (i.e. is included will be ignored for all intended purposes of this report.
  • Any thread with more then one sender is taken into account if
    • all senders pose questions or
    • those who do not pose questions do not give answers or hints on how to find answers
  • a answer may not be given in the same thread. This happens if
    • a chinese person cross-posts a question in English to users and users-cn but gets an answer in chinese to users-cn This seems to be picked up by markmail but is not archived with the english question.
    • an answer is given in a jira ticket. if the titel is (exactly) the same it shows in markmail.
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