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Page: 3rd Party UI Plugin Page: Ability to delete or archive Events and Alerts Page: Ability to have better control over first class objects in CS Page: Affinity - Anti-affinity rules Page: Allow specification of different VIF drivers per traffic type in KVM Page: Allow user provided internal VM name on hypervisor for guest VMs Page: Baremetal KickStart Page: Base Image Update facility Page: Build Your Own SystemVM Templates Page: Change account membership Page: Cisco VNMC integration Page: CloudStack Baremetal Page: Configurable setting to use linked clones or not on VMware Page: Copy of Private Host, Cluster, Pod Page: CPU and RAM Overcommit Page: Database Creator Page: Dedicated Resources - Private zone, pod, cluster, host Functional Spec Page: Dedicated Resources - Public IP Addresses and VLANs per Tenant Page: DeploymentPlanner choice via ServiceOffering Page: DeployVirtualMachine userdata enhancements Page: Design: L4-L7 network services in shared network Page: Disk IO statistics for instances Page: Dynamic scaling of CPU and RAM Page: Egress firewall rules - Ability to change the default Page: Egress firewall rules feature support for external device Juniper SRX Page: Enabling Storage XenMotion for XenServer Page: Enhanced Baremetal support on Cisco UCS Page: external hosted private gateways Page: Feature - Ability to delete Events and Alerts Page: Feature - Export Log Files Page: FS for 3 foreign language keyboard support Page: FS for Granular Global Configuration Parameters Page: FS for Integrating CS alerts via SNMP to external management system Page: FS for Syslog Enhancements Page: FS for VMs on hardware dedicated to a specific account Page: FS - IP Range Reservation within a Network Page: FS - VMSync improvement Page: Granular Global Config Parameters Page: GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) Functional specification and Design Document Page: Implement SolidFire (storage) plug-in and expose control of IOPS to admins and end users Page: Integrate Cisco ASA 1000v as a FW for CloudStack Page: Integration of CloudStack with VMware DVS Page: IP Range Reservation within a Network Page: Isolation in Advanced Zone using PVLANs Page: LB on Shared VLANs Page: Limit Resources to domains and accounts Page: Load Balancer Health checks Page: Mapping model for CloudStack zone and Vmware datacenter Page: Midokura Networking Plugin Page: Mixed Zone Management Page: Multiple IP address per NIC Page: Multiple Ip ranges FS Page: Multiple IP Ranges PRD Page: Network usage for individual virtual machine Page: Non contiguous vlan ranges. Page: Non-US Keyboard Support for Console Proxy Page: nTier Apps 2.0 Functional Spec Page: Optional Public IP assignment for EIP with Basic Zone Page: portable public IP Page: Private Host, Cluster, Pod Page: Provide full clone support for guest VMs on VMWare deployments in Cloudstack Page: PVLAN for isolation within a VLAN Page: QuickCloud Page: RBD improvements based on new Storage subsystem Page: REST API Server Architecture Page: S3-based secondary Storage Functional Specification Page: Security Groups Isolation in Advanced Zone Page: Security Improvement to console access Page: SNMP Alerts feature Page: Storage Backup Object Store Plugin Framework Page: Storage subsystem 2.0 Page: Strengthen console URL token generation Page: syslog enhancements Page: Vlan assignment to Isolated network Page: VM Disk IO Throttling Page: VM Snapshots Page: VMs on hardware dedicated to a specific account Page: VMWare Enhancements - Support for DRS and VM HA Page: Volume snapshot enhancements for VMware Page: Zone-wide primary storage target