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  • ASF Infrastructure Migration Thoughts
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In consultation with danielsh and joes4 on ASF's infrastructure IRC channel - and they requested to see a bit more detail in our migration plan: 

Base infrastructure:

  • Git repo
  • Mailing lists
  • Jira instance
  • Wiki creation (Confluence) 
  • Project site

Once those are created by ASF infra,we will have the following action items:

Code repos:

  1. Migrating code to the ASF repo  (ke4qqq, frank?) TBD 
  2. Make read only for the cloudstack repo.   (frank)
  3. What to do about github? 
  4. Get ASF to mirror to   (ke4qqq will find out and create an infra ticket if necessary)

Mailing lists

  1. Making loud, annoying announcements of the mailing list changes repeatedly -  (ke4qqq)
  2. plan for keeping the legacy lists open for 1 month after the new mailing lists are created, with weekly announcements, (ke4qqq)
  3. blog post.  (ke4qqq)
  4. make mailing lists read-only (archives aren't migrated - so tabula rosa at ASF)   (ke4qqq)

Jira Instance

  1. Work with ASF on migration of existing bugs. 
  2. Make b.cs.o read only for a month and then redirect to the CS JIRA space at ASF for the duration of our control of cs.o domain. 

Project Site

  1. Who owns this?
  2. What will they use to put content up (Confluence, svnpubsub, Apache CMS) 

Web infrastructure/properties

Lots of questions here rather than plans. This mainly concerns and 

We will not migrate user accounts - too many privacy/data sharing issues, which likely means we won't be migrating content. Still TBD. 

ASF will provide us with VMs for us to administer for web properties, and administration then falls to us - (they essentially act as a SP fwiu and won't meddle with the machine and expect us to manage OS/software)

What do we care enough about to allocate people to administering long term. 


cs.o addresses going away when we transfer - need to begin weaning ourselves off cs.o addresses now. 


TBD - perhaps we should get rid of waf in the process and make first ASF release buildable only with Ant. 

[Prasanna] Plans for Hudson (internal) and Jenkins (public) - Will this move to ASF Infra?


TBD - will be painful I fear. What are our requirements around this? 


  1. IRC channel registration?

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