First, thank you for contributing to CloudStack.  

To propose a new feature

These are the steps you must follow to propose a new feature

  • Send a email to containing
    • Subject line tagged with '[DISCUSS]'
    • Description of your proposal and why it's needed.
  • Collect responses and respond to any comments and/or questions.
  • Remember that at this step, you're here to drive a consensus.

Once the feature has been accepted

To add new features and new design documents, please follow the process below.  

  1. Follow the registration process to register to CloudSack JiraCloudStack Review Board, and on this wiki.  (Note: After creating your accounts for JIRA and this wiki, you'll need to email with your account IDs and ask for permission to edit/contribute) 
  2. Create a issue for your feature if it's not already on Jira.
    1. Make sure the Fix Version is the version you're planning on adding to CloudStack.
    2. Make sure the type of issue is New Feature.
    3. If you're working on it, assign it to yourself.
    4. Indicate the branch you're working on this.
    5. Add a reference to the mailing list where you discussed this feature.
  3. Go to the Design page.
  4. CloudStack's Design Document Template is at the top of the page.
  5. Click on the release you want to add the feature on.
  6. Put the pointer over 'Add' drop-down button and select 'Page' from the drop-down menu.
  7. Fill in the title of your page.
  8. Add a reference back to the issue you created on Jira on this page.
  9. Add a reference to the branch where the work is being done.
  10. Write your design spec.
    1. If you created diagrams, please add that as an attachment so others can help fix the diagram.
  11. Click on 'Save' button
  12. Send an email to cloudstack-dev list with the tag [PROPOSAL].

That's it!  Now the release page will include your feature.

When your feature is complete

TODO: Need complete process here on what to do

  1. Seek IP Clearance (mailinglist?)
    1. You CANNOT change existing licence headers or submit non-donated code without clearance!
  2. File test plans
  3. Submit for review per step 6

If your feature couldn't make the release

TODO: Need process here on what to do

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