Build Infrastructure

Jenkins is our build system. Before you jump in to work on Continuous Integration scour through any jenkins tutorial to understand the basics of how build systems work and how jenkins specifically breaks down jobs, tasks and pipelines.

Jenkins at Apache

The Apache Software Foundation provides build infra to projects on their setup at builds.a.o. This system is for all the projects in the foundation and is often loaded and busy. The Apache CloudStack project recognizes that not all nature of jobs required for testing and building cloudstack can be run in a timely manner on this setup. So Apache CloudStack has its own dedicated jenkins setup at jenkins.bacd.o

All committers get access to this jenkins. For requesting access you may email or raise an INFRA ticket.

Jenkins at (

The central jenkins system is maintained by members of the community and anyone interested in volunteering can show support to help out managing our jenkins jobs. Please read through the rest of the articles on this space to understand where you can chip in and how things are structured at the moment.

Note: was previously known as The domain has been donated back to the ASF as per legal donation of trademarks to be managed by the ASF.

Requesting access

Anyone who has committer access to the cloudstack repo can request for an account on jenkins by emailing dev@. Additionally, contributors who want to volunteer managing jenkins can also email dev@ requesting access. A short bio/background and rationale for why you would be interested in managing jenkins would help us process your request. Please use the header with either tags [INFRA]/ [CI] request for access

Slaves on bacd

The slave machines/nodes on jenkins also belong to various companies volunteered in supporting cloudstack. You can choose to donate a node for a specific purpose by simply emailing dev@ with [INFRA] in the email subject and telling us the purpose of this slave and what jobs use it.

Important slaves




rhel/centos slaves launched on the schuberg-phillis betacloud


centos based slave dedicated to run simulator checkin tests


centos based appliance to run all our integration tests written in python using marvin


rhel based slave for packaging jobs


centos publican docs


debian machine for packaging


runs the systemvm packaging and devcloud vms


If you have a cloudstack public cloud please consider donating a test account for the purpose of the project. The project can use the account (via jclouds-jenkins) to launch slave VMs for various jobs and builds. Please email dev@ so an administrator can configure and provide access to your cloud's instances

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