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the hack day at is going to do well with some preparation:

hackathon proposals





automated testing

Improve the quality of releases by adding more unit and integration tests to our automated test-suites. Discuss whether the present suites of unit tests and bvt are enough or we might need more classes of tests (i.e. component level and a seperation of integration from functional tests)


modularization and plug-ability

make cloudstack more plug-able and maintainable by 3rd party vendors. At the moment several mudularization efforts are on the way. The UI guys are working on splitting css, the storare guys are driving towards a better plug-model for drivers and at a system level work is being done on better organizing the injection framework. These might be worth separate hackathons but a measure of communication is no luxury.


Review Ceph integration

Further review and improve the Ceph RBD integration for KVM and also look at Xen

Sebastien ?

API Interfaces

(AWS refactor, GCE, OCCI&CIMI standard): Discuss the state of our interfaces, plans for future, needs etc. AWS interface might need a refactor, GCE is a new interface, OCCI is a standard and Isaac Chiang has developed an interface. We are missing a CIMI interface.

Sebastien ?


We are having lots of talks about docs, they have been split in a separate repo, we need to discuss format, release life cycle, format etc.

Sebastien /Wido ?

KVM Agent re-factor

There has been discussions/wishes to re-write the KVM agent in something else than Java. Review architecture, define a plan, find developers (smile)

Sebastien ?

Ecosystem support

The are lots of tools in the cloud ecosystem, we should talk about docker, ansible, cloud foundry/bosh…etc.and define a plan to have great cloudstack support in all of those.


Virtual Router

Looking at various services running on the virtual router and the services configuration via management server.


Hyperv Volume Snapshots

Hyperv directly don't support volume level snapshots. We need to figure out how to take/implement volume level snapshots.

Kishan Kavala


Creating a flexible usage framework so that new usage entities could be added easily.



Work on 4.2.1 release



Docker integration



Go through responsiveness report and answer all pending questions on the list


GlusterFS support (libgfapi)

Get GlusterFS (libgfapi support on par with ceph in ACS

Sateesh Chodapuneedi

VMware Networking

Discuss about re-factoring of existing VMware virtual network orchestration to align to plugin model.

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