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I’d love to get folks in the community to submit some ideas for what “Cloudy” should look like so we can give them something fun to make a decision on right out of the gate.

To keep things sane, I’d propose a few ground rules:

a)      Describe what you think Cloudy (or whatever the mascot should be called) should look like in one sentence (or if you’re really ambitious, post a graphic with your idea)

b)      Give the mascot a name that describes Cloudy's personality (e.g. “Hybrid Cloudy”, “Open Cloudy”, etc.)

c)       Write a 140-character Twitter-length bio that describes which characteristics of CloudStack your proposed Cloudy most represents


Calumet Cloudy

Continuing along the apache and Native  American theme what about a pipe shrouded in the apache feather color scheme with blue clouds puffing out of it. I know this generally breaks from the animal motif that tomcat, Hadoop, and others have espoused, but it's an interesting play on both clouds, Apache, and community. E.g smoking of the pipe by the community provides awesome clouds. Background here  Sadly, I am not creative enough to come up with a name or a twitter bio. Even more sadly - it appears this is already taken - Apache Kalumet exists and uses a calumet as their logo. 

Pixel Cloudy

The hip, retro look of Pixel Cloudy is a reminder that Apache CloudStack was designed from the ground up to build true Amazon-style clouds.  This is no Borg-like enterprise pretender with “cloud-stuff” bolted on. 

All Star Cloudy

With customers some of the largest public and private clouds in deployment, Apache CloudStack is the proven “All-Star” of cloud platforms.  

Surfer Cloudy

There are lots of rad cloud platforms out there, but only one is riding the wave of the biggest, baddest, most bodacious community on the planet. Apache rocks, and Surfer Cloudy is riding that bad boy to victory.

Rocket Cloudy

Apache CloudStack helps you build clouds that are massively scalable and infinitely elastic. Get started quickly with special purpose clouds, and scale them “to infinity and beyond” at a moment’s notice.

Elastic Cloudy

Apache CloudStack is designed up to build elastic clouds. Grown sheep look like clouds and their wool is also elastic. Many clouds powered by CloudStack are growing all over the world.

Breeding Cloudy

Cloudog:"Kumotaro" Kumo=Cloud, Taro=John (Japanese famous name, like "John").  Kumotaro has chimney and breeding a hundred of Cloudog like expanding cloudstack in the world.

Cloudchaser Girl ( Cloudy )

Cloudchaser Girl is modeled on a top flight career woman who represents that CloudStack enhances business agility. She travels all over the world with valet crowdy.
 A personified image as a gorgeous girl: She has fluffy hair, waers chiffon dress like "cloud". And, carrying bag, a metaphor of BigData :-)

Wings of Cloud ( Cloudy )

Wings of Cloudy is a magical girl who lovely helps new members to join and fit into CloudStack community. She provides solutions to build a cloud by her magic.

unicorn cloudy

Unicom cloudy will fly ahead to the perfect cloud computing world as one of a cloud orchestrator.

cat cloudy

Cloud Spirit (Cloudy)

Cloud spirit grows wings, lead community and cocoon them in floaty bliss.

fluffy Cloudy

Fluffy Cloudy is the polite dog and shows community a courteous attitude.

Benevolent Cloudy


Scale-out sheep.He is a very serious butler. His job is to guide you into a dream. He is to scale out indefinitely until finish their work.

Cloud Monkey "Cloudy"

"Cloud Monkey" orchestrates any clouds freely and rapidly. Cloudy will leads community, and guide them to cloud computing world.

Apache Rainbow Cloud

The best thing that comes with clouds is a rainbow. The mascot is a rainbow in the Apache colors, with a friendly and streamlined cloud. The rainbow symbolizes many components working elegantly together, as well as the promise of happiness and possibly riches at the end of the rainbow.

Orchestrating cloud infrastructure components with the same harmony as colors forming a rainbow. Slide down the rainbow into the cloud.

Incus The Dragon

I think the dragon is the ideal mascot for CloudStack as he breathes "clouds" of smoke. I named him Incus because, an Incus is the name for the top of the a cumulonimbus cloud which is consider the king of clouds, a mature cumulonimbus incus the "King of Clouds", often considerably taller than Mount Everest. Incus the dragon would be representing the king of cloud computing, CloudStack. 

(I wish my artistic skills were better because I think Incus should be smiling because he's representing Apache CloudStack). 

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