The following products are used in the maintenance of the documentation:

Source Git Repository

Consolidated Documentation can be found in GitHub here:

The older documentation sources are held as archived source in GitHub here: is a bit of a dodge-podge of resources is the install guide is the current admin manual. is the release notes for individual releases


The documentation is uses Sphinx, which provides the structure and hierarchy of the documentation. It is the engine which renders the source text into HTML, PDF and ePub formats.  You can install and use Sphinx to build the documentation to see what it will look like before pushing a change, but it isn't required.

Read The Docs

The CloudStack documentation is built using the ReadTheDocs service. ReadTheDocs takes the source text and runs it through the Sphinx engine to produce the documentation and also hosts the output.  Access is not strictly required in order to write/update the source documentation. Only to build the documentation for a new version.

If you would like access, please contact the dev list.


This is the authoring language that is used while write individual topics.  reStructured text (RST) is the markup language that allows us to denote, headings, sections, bullets, bold text, italics etc.

Here are some great resources to get started with reStructured text in a Sphinx context  

Rest Editor for Eclipse

This is the plug-in that supports the maintenance and production of documents in Eclipse.

It is called Rest Editor and the group name is  

It can be downloaded from the Eclipse Marketplace as the Rest Editor 1.0.5

Online RST Editors/Viewers - Helpful to have a semi-WYSIWYG experience.  The 'Nature' theme most closely resembles the theme used in the CloudStack documentation

Open Office for drawing creation

The drawings for the new documentation are created using Open Office Draw.

The sources are now kept with the text in the git repo under source/_static/image_sources.

The sources for the drawings in the previous manual are lost.

VRT Network drawing extensions

VRT network drawing extension for Open Office are used to create the drawings. This may be downoaded and added to OpenOffice as an extension. The symbols will appear in Draw's Gallery.

There is an explanation about how to use them on Artifact Software's technical blog.


There are a number of resources related to trademarks and other graphics.

The guidelines for using the Cloudstack trademark can be found here.

Resources for preparing marketing materials and presentations can be found here.

The logo can be found at Apache CloudStack Logo with Cloud Monkey



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