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This is a functional specification for the Query API support added to CloudStack's EC2 implementation (AWSAPI). Corresponding Jira ID is CLOUDSTACK-197.


Feature Specifications

Feature Objective

  • EC2 Query API support:
    Currently in AWSAPI, Query API implementation is not well tested. Aim is to fix Query API to have the exact fidelity as the current SOAP implementation.
  • Support for AWS Java SDK and AWS PHP SDK:
    Both AWS Java SDK and AWS PHP SDK need to be supported by AWSAPI.
  • Support for the latest EC2 API version:
    The present SOAP implementation is against EC2 API version 2010-11-15. Goal is to upgrade the supported version from 2010-11-15 to the latest EC2 API version i.e. 2012-08-15.

API Changes

  • API's that will be supported by the Query interface are the ones that are at present supported by the SOAP interface in AWSAPI. 
  • Support will NOT be provided for any new EC2 API’s (API’s present in the latest version that were added after 2010-11-15).
Below is the complete list of Query API's that will be supported,
  1. AllocateAddress
  2. AssociateAddress
  3. AttachVolume
  4. AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress
  5. CreateImage
  6. CreateKeyPair
  7. CreateSecurityGroup
  8. CreateSnapshot
  9. CreateTags
  10. CreateVolume
  11. DeleteKeyPair
  12. DeleteSecurityGroup
  13. DeleteSnapshot
  14. DeleteTags
  15. DeleteVolume
  16. DeregisterImage
  17. DescribeAddresses
  18. DescribeAvailabilityZones
  19. DescribeImageAttribute
  20. DescribeImages
  21. DescribeInstanceAttribute
  22. DescribeInstances
  23. DescribeKeyPairs
  24. DescribeSecurityGroups
  25. DescribeSnapshots
  26. DescribeTags
  27. DescribeVolumes
  28. DetachVolume
  29. DisassociateAddress
  30. GetPasswordData
  31. ImportkeyPair
  32. ModifyImageAttribute
  33. RebootInstances
  34. RegisterImage
  35. ReleaseAddress
  36. ResetImageAttribute
  37. RevokeSecurityGroupIngress
  38. RunInstances
  39. StartInstances
  40. StopInstances
  41. TerminateInstances
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