Feature: Audit Logs/Export Log Files


-          Provide UI/API to extract or download “logfiles” from system VMs and Management Server(s)

-          Users must be able to specify which system VM/Management Server(s) to get the logs from

-          Users must be able to specify which logs they want

-          Users must be able to specify date range

Open Question(s):

-          What are the set of logs/files?

-          how does CS do logfile management/rotation/archival

Anyone troubleshooting the CloudStack environment might want to look at any or all of the following logs - this feature makes it easy to retrieve those logs

Management Server


                management server logs, gzipped daily

                catalina - java process related

                api- server - api calls

Usage server


SSVM & console proxy




 Router VM

      /var/log* (DNS mask log , DNS resolution process)









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