List of all GSoC 2021 projects accepted under ASF:

List of projects and student accepted for Apache CloudStack GSoC 2021:

  • Bikram Biswas-1

    Multiple SSH key holding on CloudStack

    MENTORS: Rohit YadavHarikrishna PatnalaNicolas VazquezDavid Jumani

    Project proposal on issue#4813 about holding multiple SSH keys. As of now, ACS supports only a single SSH key to be added / reset on a VM. Here I propose a project on support of multiple SSH Keys.

  • Sang Woo Bae

    Apache CloudStack - Synchronization of network devices on newly added hosts for Persistent Networks

    MENTORSRohit YadavHarikrishna PatnalaPearl DsilvaNicolas VazquezSHARE LINKattachment

    Apache CloudStack’s persistent networks have been a solution for system administrators, that abstracts away the micromanaging of resources like virtual machines and physical devices (like routers and switches) and avoids the inconvenience of setting up the network for every individual host. Even though the persistent network is quite powerful, it lacks a dynamic to simply add a new host to a cluster and have it automatically configured for the persistent networks resources of the zone. The project idea aims to introduce a feature to CloudStack, with which detecting newly added hosts and creating the persistent network’s resources will be automated to further reduce the management of a cluster during its lifecycle.

  • Apurv Gupta

    UX Enhancements

    MENTORS: Rohit YadavDavid JumaniBoris Stoyanov

    There are 3 sub-projects in the UX improvements, they are :

    • Implementation of shortcut navigation using the keyboard on CloudStack client.
    • Adding the confirmation dialogues with keyboards shortcuts, like for press enter/space to confirm and ESC to cancel.
    • Autoscroll to error field in form submissions.
      Apart from these some bug fixes for UI like translation doesn’t work completely for few languages, and some more UI improvements.
  • Junxuan Wu

    Proposal for cloudstack: cloning a VM

    MENTORS: Rohit YadavNicolas VazquezSuresh Kumar Anaparti

    Currently, cloudstack does not have an option for the user to clone a VM. In order to achieve a full clone, we have to manually handle it by using snapshots, new disk and then new attachment. The manual way of creating a VM causes extra overhead for the user like the temporary snapshots should also be manually cleaned up after the steps. This may influence the reliability of the system since issues may increase for a missing step. This proposal aims to integrate all these steps into one API and one UI interface and the whole project focus consists of mainly three parts:

    • An independent integrated full clone API (adapt to different hypervisors, ones support clone and ones doesn’t)
    • An UI interface providing the clone option
    • Implementation steps for updating the related db information table

Community Bonding Period

May 17, 2021 - June 7, 2021

During this period the accepted GSoC student for Apache CloudStack students should spend a month learning more about their organization’s community.

For starters, we recommend the accepted students:

General note on productivity: we don't expect you to know and get everything, so don't go deep yet on any topic or you may end up wasting your time. Instead use an approach that works for you, and help to grasp the breadth than depth, faster.

After you're familiar with the community, start learning CloudStack as a user - don't go too deep but learn what does it take to install and use CloudStack and later build CloudStack:

After you're familiar with the community and have tried CloudStack as a user, try to see if you can build and run CloudStack in your local env:

Best of luck!

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