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Apache CloudStack Wiki: Info on developing and contributing to Apache CloudStack

This is the home of Apache Cloudstack. Feel free to edit this page. If you see something wrong, edit it. If you have new information, please add it. Or to put it another way: edit boldly. It's a wiki - any changes can be reverted if necessary.

Apache CloudStack Bylaws

The 'Apache Way' provides guidance on how to run a project/community but leaves much of the details up to the community itself.  The 'rules' which we follow are set out here:


CloudStack Technical Documentation -- Installation Guide, Admin Guide, API Developer's Guide, CloudStack Nicira NVP Guide, and Release Notes.

API Reference -- CloudStack API command syntax and description; a companion to the API Developer's Guide

Developer Docs and Resources

To get the CloudStack source, use:

git clone

Mailing Lists

We do most of our discussion and work on the Apache CloudStack mailing lists. Specifically, developer discussions happen on the cloudstack-dev mailing list. If you're looking for user support, the cloudstack-users list is the best place to go. (You may be tempted to send mails to both lists looking for help. Avoid that temptation. It's much better etiquette to direct emails to one list only, and to use the appropriate lists.) For guidelines on participating on the mailing list, see Mailing List Guidelines.

Please note that all of the lists are high-volume.

  • To join the cloudstack-dev mailing list send an email to The archives can be found on
  • To join the cloudstack-users mailing list send an email to The archives can be found on
  • To join the cloudstack-commits mailing list send an email to The archives can be found on
  • 中文用户可以参加CloudStack的中文用户邮件列表。请寄封电邮给
  • To join the cloudstack-marketing mailing list send an email to The archives can be found on

Before posing questions to the mailing lists ensure that you have looked through the archives. A very searchable archive of all the cloudstack mailing lists is available at markmail

Marketing and Promoting CloudStack

Spread the word on how awesome CloudStack is. Below are the proposed open plans to gain visibility. By promoting CloudStack you can help to show the world that there is a "real", stable, user friendly, easy to use, feature-full production ready cloud platform.


We maintain several community IRC channels for real-time discussion and support, but please note that if it didn't happen on the mailing list, it didn't happen. Decisions are made on the mailing list (cloudstack-dev). But if you're looking for real-time answers to development or user questions, IRC is a great way to find help. All channels are on Freenode.

  • #cloudstack: This channel is for general cloudstack discussion and support.
  • #cloudstack-dev: This channel is for developer discussions and support. This channel also receives notices of commits, build failures, etc.
  • #cloudstack-meeting: Meetings are held here.

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