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  • Increase the Timeout of the CloudStack Management GUI
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The standard timeout of 15 minutes can be annoying and counter productive to some users. Also some enterprise environments want the timeout increased or decreased to match their standards. This is a basic way to modify that timeout.

1. Edit the following file.
Example: #vi /usr/share/cloud/management/webapps/client/WEB-INF/web.xml - You may need to add sudo to the front of this command if you do not have root privileges.

2. Within the file, add the following XML tag  at the bottom of the file above the </web-app> tag or modify if it’s already there to the desired timeout period in minutes:

3. Reboot the Tomcat container:
# service cloud-management restart

4. Repeat these steps for each management server in the cluster.

Credit to: Sergey Levitskiy for the coding steps.

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