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  • KVM and Centos 6.3 setup checklist for CloudStack 3 and 4
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Here is a short checklist to make CloudStack 3/4 work with KVM on CentOS 6.3:

  1. check hostname is okay
  2. disable selinux (or set it in permissive mode)
  3. remove qemu-kvm if installed
  4. add EPEL repository
  5. adjust /etc/cgconfig.conf file by adding:
    group virt {
        cpu {
            cpu.shares = 9216;
  6. update centos and install ntpd for time sync
  7. make sure primary/secondary storages could be mounted
  8. reboot
  9. install cloudstack agent
  10. configure bridge devices
  11. connect host from the management server
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