The CloudStack mailing list is a high traffic mailing list.  It might seem overwhelming at first but is actually fairly easy to navigate with proper filters setup.  Like other mailing lists, mail is archived and used for searching. Following these guidelines will help you deal with the list easily and will help everyone understand you better.

Mailing List to Send to

  • For installation and usage problems, send to  There are developers who can help you there.  Do not send to
  • For development discussions, send to
  • For requirements on features, send to both and
  • On replying, if you've determined a certain list is not necessary, strip it from the TO/CC line.

Email Formatting

The CloudStack mailing list works like other mailing lists on the internet.  It prefers the following format:

  • Use plain text for the message body as opposed to html
  • Indent the original mail with '>' when replying
  • Remove unnecessary clutter from the original mail
  • Inline your reply if you are replying to specific items in the email
  • Quote enough of the original email to give context
  • Both top posting and bottom posting when replying to the email as a whole is fine

Subject Tagging

Properly tagging your email can help other filter and deal with the traffic better.  It is fine to use multiple tags if they are appropriate.  The following are tags that are currently being used on the mailing list.  These tags are always changing and updating.  Please check back if you're unsure which tag you should use.




Discuss a certain topic.  Use this tag if you're proposing a feature and is collecting requirements.


Voting on a a topic.  Use this sparingly and it should be after a discussion has taken place.  Before using VOTE, please read the bylaws on what it means.

ACS[Release #]

Message regarding a certain release in progress.


Email is regarding the AWS API component of CloudStack


Email is regarding CloudStack documentation


Email is announcing a CloudStack event


Use to discuss merging a branch into another branch


Use this tag if you are proposing a functional spec, test plan for a feature, and other related documentation.


Email is regarding CloudStack QA effort.


This tag is used with the VOTE tag to indicate the voting has concluded and the tallying is indicated in this email.  The subject line should look like [VOTE][RESULT].


This tag is used with other tags to indicate that the original poster believes the discussion has been resolved.  The subject line should look like [VOTE][RESOLVED].


An email message to indicate a contributor is offline from the mailing list for a certain period of days and replies should not be expected.


Emails to discuss Wiki content


Anything related to the continuous integration systems - build, jenkins, automated tests


When your issue has been resolved by responses to your question please add the SOLVED tag for those searching the archives

Dealing with the List

  • Always use "Reply to All", to keep everyone and mailing list in the thread. Don't be afraid to make a correction if you used "Reply" to single people involved by mistake.
  • Rude behavior is not appreciated on the mailing list.  Always remember that words in email can sound harsher than the intent when you're reading or writing emails.
  • Setup filters on tags will help the traffic flow.
  • You may not get a reply.  Don't be afraid to resend your email after a few days.
  • If you're expecting someone to see your email, include them in the CC/TO line after you sent out the initial email and didn't get a reply.
  • Communicate often.

Configuring email clients to work better with the mailing list

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