In setting up your cloud, you should have a backup routine for your controller. The most important item to back up is the MySQL databases that Cloudstack uses. A suitable backup script is attached to this page. In the even of a cloud management controller failure, the steps to replace the controller with a new one are:

These instructions assume your cluster is Xenserver - Contributors using other Hypervisor OSs, please contribute.

  1. Setup new management server hardware
  2. Install your OS
  3. Install Cloudstack, up to and including the "Install Database step"
  4. Import your database backup
  5. In Xencenter, connect to your Cloudstack host pool.
  6. On each host, remove the tags on Host > General Tab > Tags by editing the tags and un-checking each one.
  7. On the management controller, start Cloudstack
    1. service cloud-management start
  8. the new cloud management controller will connect to each host in the database and push out new tags and keys to each host in the pool.
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