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  • Ports used by CloudStack
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Ports used by CloudStack and its entities:

Management Server
8080: Primary GUI / Authentication API Port
8096: User/Client to CloudStack Management Server (unauthenticated)
8787: CloudStack (Tomcat) debug socket
9090: Cloudstack Management Cluster Interface
45219: JMX console

SystemVM Agent Communication - Must be open on Management Server
3922: Secure System secure communication port
8250: SystemVM to Management unsecure communication port

MySQL Server
3306: MySQL Server

22/443: XenServer, XAPI
22: KVM
443: vCenter

External Ports
53: DNS
111/2049: NFS communication for Secondary Storage VM
860/3260: iSCSI communication port for iSCSI software connector
7080: AWS API server

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