This is the roadmap for CloudStack code development.

Everyone can enter/claim items, collaborate on development and help deliver the fixes/feature/refactor.

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  • Database upgrade
  • Schema versioning and tooling (jooq, flywaydb etc)
  • Agent upgrades
  • SystemVM upgrades
  • Component/Plugin level upgrades
  • Config upgrades
  • Rollback support

Kishan Kavala

Rohit Yadav

John Burwell (ShapeBlue)

 WIP FS: CloudStack Chimp 

Is any of this complete?

It seems that this covers several projects.

Improved System VM template management

 Paul Angus Process for 'seeding' and updatingsystemVMtemplates needs revamping. Installation of system VM templates could/should be handled by API. As should the installing of 'updated templates'. Initial seeding of templates can be handled by the create zone wizard - thereby allowing for 'default' templates or custom URLs to be used.  
Use embedded jetty Rohit Yadav4.11   

Better Log handling


Paul Angus


 The CloudStack logs are often difficult to read due to the sheer volume of information which is output. This can be helped by revisiting classifications of log output such logging can be set to 'info' (rather than debug) - without losing important information.  
Shared data disk CLOUDSTACK-8561 - Getting issue details... STATUS Paul Angus 

Very large percentage of enterprises use clustering for applications such as MS SQL.  CloudStack cannot currently present a disk to multiple VMs

Snapshots on SAN Mike Tutkowski and Syed Ahmed    
Ability to migrate secondary storage Daan, Wei Zhou (Leaseweb)    
Snapshot Improvements CLOUDSTACK-8663 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Anshul Gangwar

 Split volume snapshot process
Allow VM snapshot and volume snapshots to exist together
 JIRA still open. "Planned Release" needs changing
Deploy user instance from VM snapshot CLOUDSTACK-8676 - Getting issue details... STATUS Sateesh Chodapuneedi Support quick deployment of user instance from VM snapshot JIRA still open. "Planned Release" needs changing
Block creation of Basic Zones
Wido den Hollander5.0Advanced Networking with Shared VLANs (vlan://untagged) offers the exact same functionality as Basic networking does. To be able to deprecate Basic Networking in the future we should prevent users from creating new Basic networks

IPv6 CLOUDSTACK-8529 - Getting issue details... STATUS CLOUDSTACK-674 - Getting issue details... STATUS Wido den Hollander 4.10IPv6 support in Basic Networking: IPv6 in Basic Networking  
DST in egress ShapeBlue    
Netscaler integration

CLOUDSTACK-8672 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CLOUDSTACK-8673 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Rajesh Battala



Integrate NCC with CloudStack to leverage ADC functionality and Additional Enterprise Features provided by NetScaler

FS link NCC Integration With Auto Provision VPX in CloudStack


 JIRAs still open. "Planned Release" needs changing
Openswan withstrongswan 


Next Generation Networking (NFV) Paul Angus 

Suite of features to allow users and operators to integrate virtual networking appliances from 3rdparyvendors into ACS networks

  • More versatile network topology (including service chaining)
  • Networking device/ Appliance object class
  • Expose additional processor features
  • Next Gennetworking SDK
Visual Network designer Paul Angus Visualisation of networks and VM's -allowcreation and modification of networks in a visual way  
OSPF,routed networks 

Abhinandan Prateek

Rohit Yadav


Enterprises often require non-NAT/OSPF networks.

Dynamically routed VPC


Configurable MAC address IDC Frontier Enable to specify MAC address range to avoid MAC address collision when VMs are connected across zones and regions.  
UI, API      
Billing Quota CLOUDSTACK-8592 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Abhinandan Prateek

Rohit Yadav

4.6.0Quota Service - FS 

JIRA fixed in 4.6.

Can this bedeleted.

RBAC or add new roles CLOUDSTACK-8562 - Getting issue details... STATUS ShapeBlue4.9

Static moved todatabaseand made user definable (RBAC Lite)


JIRA fixed in 4.9.

Can this be deleted?

Comments/annotations to CloudStack elements

(i.e firewall rules, hypervisors,nics)

Storage process progress feedback CLOUDSTACK-8564 - Getting issue details... STATUS ShapeBlue 

Users/admins cannot seeprogressof storage processes such as snapshot taking, template install or template zone copy can take hours/days. Storing ‘time taken’ for snapshots would also give admins visibility into their storage performance to identify issues.

Show (virtual) network typologies to users and Admin. Paul Angus
 It is complicated for cloud admins to see which VM is connected to which network and therefore which VR. Better visibility will give much better understanding when troubleshooting.
For users being able to clearly see which guest instances are connected to which network(s) will greatly improve the user experience
VM operations      
Separation of database object creation and physical object creation Paul Angus Ability to create and manipulate objects in DB without physical actions occurring. ie, add a disk (which already exists) change MAC address, add a VM - which already exists  
VM backup/restore Paul Angus 'Hooks' to enable Backup VM, In-place restore, alternative location, restore when original VM no longer exists. 'Restore'/import VM from alternate source  
Enterprise back/restore Paul Angus Integration of backup/recovery applications. i.e. Veeam and CommVault with VM Backup and restore feature  
VM ingestion Paul Angus 'Scan an existing environment' for VMs and 'import' them.  Supporting UI with 'wizards' to simplify moving and mapping of existing VMs.  
Enabling of managed and unmanaged guest instances in xenserver & KVM Paul Angus Pre-req of VM ingestion  
Enable multidisc OVA importing and deployment Paul Angus4.11Manage upload and storage multi-disk OVA templates (i.e. templates containing a root disk and one or more data disks), as well as, deployment and restoration of VMs from multi-disk OVA templates.  
User Authenticators      
Improve SAML plugin CLOUDSTACK-8457 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Rohit Yadav

4.6.0, 4.5.2SAML 2.0 Plugin 

JIRA fixed in 4.6.

Can this be deleted?

QA, Drivers and automation      
Better tests 

Abhinandan Prateek

5.0, 4.9+Simulating faults in real and hybrid environments.  
Test environment (Trillian & Winston) ShapeBlue4.9   
QA/CI environment 


Bharat Kumar

  1. automatejenkinsslaves creation.
  2. build provide package repo for easier deployment
  3. automate tests run and test-cloud deployment
Plugin driver certification ShapeBlue    
Crowdsource QA results ShapeBlue    
VNC console (noVNC) 

Rohit Yadav (ShapeBlue), Wei Zhou (Leaseweb)

Docker/Containers pdion8914.6.0Dockerfiles  
iSCSI and HA support in Hyper-V CLOUDSTACK-8444 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Anshul Gangwar

4.6.0Design document is available at iSCSI and HA support in Hyper-V JIRAs still open. "Planned Release" needs changing
Support for non-US keyboards in Console Proxy CLOUDSTACK-8665 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Anshul Gangwar


Make it easier for CloudStack service providers to add their own keyboards

 JIRAs still open. "Planned Release" needs changing
3rd party library updates all A lot of libraries are outdated.effortneeds to go into upgrading those Perhaps too general. Can a specific list be added or can this task be removed since it may be part of any release or bugfiz?
Multi-mangementserver aware agents CLOUDSTACK-8563 - Getting issue details... STATUS Rohit Yadav, Nicolas Vasquez (ShapeBlue)4.11

Management server(s) should publish a list of active management servers in failover order. The list should be dynamically updated according to load/availability/location ofindirectagent. Agents use this list.  May require also fixing management server clustering.

Metrics view Rohit Yadav4.9allow users to explore usage of underlying infrastructure (hosts)  
Dynamic resource scheduling for KVM/Xen server Paul Angus Presently, CloudStack manages KVM and XenServer hosts and allows for the placement and migration of the VMs via deploy and migrate API calls. Build an engine that can move VMs within a cluster based on CPU and Memory metricsitsalready exposed, to pack hosts, balance load, or move VMs to 'make space' for large VMs.  
out of band management Rohit Yadav4.9power management of underlying hosts for power optimisation  
Customisable algorithms to enable automated power management Paul Angus    



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